Mobile Phone Repair

Phone Repairing Service

We provide professional phone repair service at a competitive price for the following:

  • LCD or color screen replacement
  • Broken antenna or poor reception
  • Damage keypad and other problems
  • SIM Card Unlocking, phone unlocking
  • Mobile Phone Software Updating

    Please contact us for an immediate quote.

    Our repair service outside Auckland City

    You can mail in your damaged mobile phone to our service department at:

    Phone Repair Department
    Mutual Service Center
    283 Karangahape Road, Newton
    Auckland 1001, New Zealand

    You will be billed for the repair cost + replacement. Please add $5.00 for shipping and handling for the repaired mobile phone.

    Service Pricing

    When you leave your mobile phone for repair at our retail shop, we will advise you if the total repair cost exceeds $50.00 and get your permission to proceed with your repair.

    You will only be required to pay $30.00, should you decide not to repair your phone.

    You will recieve a FREE QUOTE if the cost of repair is under $30.00.

    If the repair cost is not justifiable, you have the option of buy a Refurbished Phone from us.

    Our Customer Serivce

    Please contact us for a no-obligation repair cost estimate for your mobile phone