About Us


Mutual Communication was established in 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand; specialising in mobile phones & accessories.

Our main focus is in repairing and servicing all brands of mobile phones, also including mobile phone accessories wholesale and retail.

Our Vision

We want to see New Zealand enjoy and benefit from a mobile phone Super Store nation-wide.

At Mutual Communications, we provide ourselves a leading provider of superb customer services and a full range of telecommunication products that benefit our clients.

It is our Vision to build a New Zealand nation-wide mobile phone Super Store to meet the expanding telecommunication market.

Our Mission

The main market includes New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and still expanding to the rest of the South Pacific nations.

Mutual Communications is a company that is time-tested and people-proven for the level of client satisfaction and quality products.

At this time we are focusing to our repairing service and we are trying to franchise our business outside Auckland.

Besides that, we are gearing and building our import, export, sales, service and phone repair division to meet the market demand.